My love story with painting started while I was living in South Africa as a student in High School where I created oil on canvas and hardboard paintings.


The love story was put on hold until immigrating to the USA about 18 years ago; I became involved with various art projects at my children’s school and rediscovered my love for painting. During this time period I was commissioned for various residential murals as well as individual acrylic canvas pieces. Painting has been a significant part of my life ever since.

In recent years, my primary focus is producing acrylic paintings on canvas covering a wide range of subject matters.

The visual aspects of color, line, shadow and light as well as the aroma of paint, the texture of the canvas and the feel of the brush in my hand brings me a tremendous amount of joy.

The vibrant colors and vistas of the South African culture serves as an inspiration in the work I do.


 Every piece I paint takes me on a special journey, when I part with it, a tiny bit of myself goes with it. Experience your own special journey with my art work!