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Welcome All!

I’m a South African born, American artist who loves to express my vision and creativity through my art. 

Here is a bit of my story:

My love for painting was rediscovered after immigration to the USA many years ago. While raising my family, I was active in volunteering for various art projects in my community as well as being commissioned for residential murals and individual art pieces. My passion and skill have grown over time and I dedicated myself to creating art.

Capturing the feeling of a moment in time on canvas brings me great joy, I would love for you to experience this feeling viewing my art. The use of vivid colors to emphasize the feeling in a moment inspires me. I love to experiment with different themes in my paintings, ranging from beautiful portraits of every day people to more humorous and quirky paintings to make you smile. My art is influenced by the vibrant and rich culture, vistas, beautiful people and animals of my home country South Africa.


Every painting takes me on a lovely journey, a part of myself and my life’s journey are incorporated in every work I create.

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